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We are a highly professional, innovative and versatile law practice which focuses on providing reliable and expeditious legal advisory and representation to its clients at reasonable costs.

Our Practice Areas

The firm provides various legal services to its valued clients.

Below are some of the major areas of our practice:




Notarial Work


Debt Collection




Banking Law


Commercial Law


Establishment of Trusts


Labour & administrative law


Arbitration/dispute Resolution


Registration of Patents & Trademarks


Drafting & Reviewing Contracts


Administration of Deceased Estates


Family Law


Will Writing


Criminal Law Litigation


Civil law Litigation

We are a dynamic and multi faceted firm of lawyers which distinguishes itself through adherence to the core values our practicing of the law as well as our personal and professional interactions. Our services are tailor-made to suit and meet the specific requirements of our diverse clients, both in terms of the legal advice and representation ads well as the cost of our services.

Who We Are

We are a law firm that was established in Harare in April 2011. The law firm was subsequently registered with the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

The level of our professionalism ensures that our commitment goes beyond mere furnishing of technically correct advice. We steadfastly uphold and hold as sacrosanct high standards of integrity, honesty and ethical conduct. We treat our clients as well as fellow legal practitioners with utmost professional respect in order to preserve a culture of mutual respect between us and our clients.

Our firm puts strong emphasis on fast, accurate and professional legal services. We are also committed to adapting to a rapidly changing Zimbabwean business and legal environment. The practice has established healthy relationships with its clients, fellow members of the profession and the public sector.

We conduct litigation in the Magistrates Courts, Labour Courts, Tribunals, Administrative Court, the High Court, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe. We have also dealt with various labour disputes and commercial arbitrations in Zimbabwe.

Our firm has also actively provided professional advice on Zimbabwe’s investment laws, company law, indigenous law, tax and exchange control laws to prospective foreign investors from South Africa, Germany, Canada, Israel, China and Qatar.

Our clients range from international corporations, local public and private corporates, individuals, local professional bodies, voluntary and/or non-profit making entities as well as emerging business set ups. These belong to different sectors such as mining, real estate, automotive, retail, tourism and hospitality, religious organizations, educational
institutions and power generation.

Mission Statement

To provide professional services to our corporate and individual clients with diligence and efficiency and we strive to attend to our clients’ instructions in the shortest time possible, depending on the nature of the case and also without compromising the quality of service offered.

  1. Our work is guided by our values
  2. To us professionalism means to always strive to seek the most appropriate solutions for our clients, which solutions they can confidently rely on. Through personal contact, we work to make our clients’ experience with us a positive, enjoyable and fulfilling one. Our responsiveness to our clients’ concerns in a timely fashion and the prompt address of client’s problems or issues is of paramount importance to us.
  3. We are worthy of the trust that our clients repose in us. We practise sincerely, honestly, diligently, with due care and integrity.

MATSIKA LEGAL PRACTITIONERS is a law firm that was established in Harare in April 2011. The law firm was subsequently registered with the Law Society of Zimbabwe. The law firm provides a variety of legal services to both corporate and individual clients.



The law firm’s operations are governed by the Law Society of Zimbabwe (incorporated in terms of the Legal Practitioners’ Act Chapter 27:07). The Law Society is a statutory body that regulates the conduct and practice of all registered Legal Practitioners operating in Zimbabwe.


This is the parent ministry under which all law firms’ operations fall. The Ministry, however, does not have direct control over the operations of law firms. It provides the framework and environment within which we operate through various pieces of legislation.

Meet Our Attorneys

LLBS (Hons) UZ

He is a registered Legal Practitioner and has been practising law since 2004 and holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree from the University of Zimbabwe. Mr. Matsika also holds a post-graduate diploma in Human Rights obtained in Montreal, Canada. He has practised with Coghlan Welsh and Guest, Madanhi and Associates, and Muzangaza Mandaza and Tomana since he qualified as a lawyer. He has also worked at Justice for Children Trust, a law-based organization on children’s human rights. Mr. Matsika’s main area of practice is Conveyancing, Notarial work, debt recovery, family law, corporate and commercial law.

Mr. Matsika’s contact number is 0774 774 541. His email address is stmatsika@matsikalaw.co.zw.

LLBS (Hons) UZ

A registered legal practitioner with a Bachelor of Laws Honours degree from the University of Zimbabwe. She previously worked for Costa and Madzonga Legal Practitioners, and Munangati and Associates before joining Matipano and Matimba Legal Practitioners where she worked for 12 years before joining Matsika Legal Practitioners where she is currently a partner. Odette’s areas of practice include civil litigation, family law, labour law and commercial law. She has distinguished herself in litigation where she has successfully litigated in several complicated matters.

Her email address is otsanyika@matsikalaw.co.zw.

LLBS (Hons) UZ

Marleen is a holder of a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from the University of Zimbabwe and Post Graduate Diploma in applied Corporate Governance from the Midlands State University. She joined the firm in 2018 as an associate. Marleen’s areas of interest include family law and estate planning, commercial law, employment, property law as well as general litigation.

Miss Nyenya’s contact number is 0772856011 and her email address is marleen@matsikalaw.co.zw

LLBS (Hons) UZ

Chipo graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with an LLBS in 2012. Mrs. Kanengoni has been in private practice since qualifying as an attorney and she has previously worked for Mutungura and Partners, Takaidza and Company and Gonese and Ndlovu before joining Matsika Legal Practitioners. Mrs. Kanengoni’s areas of interest are civil litigation, commercial law, labour law and legal drafting.

Mrs. Kanengoni resides in Mutare and heads the firm’s Mutare office.

LLBS (Hons), UZ

Ms PamellaMaganga graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with an LLBS (Honours) degree in 2011. Ms Maganga has been in private practice since qualifying as an attorney and she has previously worked for Garikai and Company, Chivasa and Associates and MugadzaChinzamba and Partners before joining Matsika Legal Practitioners. Ms Maganga’s areas of interest are in litigation, conveyancing, estate administration and commercial law.

Ms Maganga resides in Mutare and practices as an associate at the firm’s Mutare office.


The firm employs a Secretary and a Receptionist responsible for all secretarial work and managing the office’s reception area. The secretary has 8 years’ experience in conveyancing work as well as drafting Court documents. The firm employs two Clerks. One of the clerks performs general clerical duties and is also responsible for running errands for the firm including banking. The second clerk is primarily responsible for all conveyancing related duties including attending at the Deeds office for lodging of Deeds for transfer and/ or registration of mortgage bonds, facilitating ZIMRA interviews for purposes of Capital Gains Tax assessment as well as processing Rates Clearance Certificates at Local Authorities. The firm also has a bookkeeper within its employ who is responsible for the firm’s accounts and financial matters.

Client Care

Our operations are driven by our clients’ needs and we always ensure that we uphold the duty of utmost care and confidentiality to our clients. We treasure the importance of serving our clients professionally, efficiently and with honesty. We attach great value to face to face consultations with our clients as a way of cultivating strong professional relationships. Constant updates are also provided to clients through telephone, written correspondence and e-mail service. We are receptive to constructive criticism and we encourage our clients to give us dispassionate feedback on the services provided.

Apart from individual clients, the firm provides legal services to the following cooperates among others:

  • Rainbow Tourism Limited
  • Dawn Property Consultancy
  • Bill and Eileen Property Sales (Pvt) Ltd
  • Global Platinum Resources (Pvt) Ltd
  • CPI Group Limited
  • DFH International
  • Ryder Protection Services
  • Ecobank
  • Montcal Trading (Pvt) Ltd
  • King Panel Beaters (Pvt) Ltd
  • AVM (Pvt) Ltd
  • Wings Travel Bureau
  • Action Property Sales
  • Property101 (Pvt) Ltd
  • Mutare City Council
  • Heaven On Earth Real Estate
  • Southbay Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd
  • Music Crossroads Zimbabwe
  • Essprince Realty Zimbabwe
  • Solid Paints (Pvt) Ltd
  • Zimbao Mining Ventures (Pvt) Ltd
  • Property Link Property Sales and Auctioneers
  • Donavans Property Consultants
  • Dalso Properties (Pvt) Ltd
  • Stern Farming (Pvt) Ltd
  • Citfoam (Pvt) Ltd
  • Impala Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
  • Pam Golding Properties

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